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Denise McLeod

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Denise McLeod

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About Me/ Company

I have been training dogs proffesionally for nearly 20 years and CaDeLac has been my full time occupation for 10 years. There are currently 7 instructors and 3 more in the process of being trained up. ALl instructors are committed to animal welfare and using the best, kindest and most effective modern training methods. We also have two qualified veterinary nurses and one qulified nnutritionist in the team to help with customers keep their dogs in tip top condition.

CaDeLac currently runs puppy and dog socialisation and training classes, agility classes, offers private behaviour and training consultations and also runs a number of special events each year.

This years special events include Clicker demos, Sheepdog demos, First aid for dog owners, Psychic aninmal communication course, Tracking for beginners events and more...

Previous Experience

With a background in Service Delivery within IT, working for a large Corporate, Denise is very service driven. She is fully aware that great personal service is the secret to happy customers great business success.

Having had success on teh agility circuit with her first dog, Cassie, Denise began teaching becasue of demand, almost as soon as sh started competing.

Having trained and broken numerous hourses and worked on farms on and off throughout her life Denise also has a number of skills with a wide variety of animals.

Qualifications & Training

Have trained or trained with or been on courses with the following......
Karen Pryor (Behaviour and trainer, USA)
Mary Ray (Obedience, Agility, Heelwork to Music, Clicker training)
Thomas Longton (Sheep dog training)
Barbara Sykes & her daughter (Sheep dog training)
John Rogerson (Behaviour and training)
Neil Short (Obedience and Heelwork to music)
Jan Fennel (Behaviour and training) I do not subscribe to this technique.
Ian Dunbar (Behaviour and training)
Peter Neville (Behaviour and training)
Sheila Hocken (Behaviour and training)
Dave Blackshaw (Agility)
Sandy Bell (Agility)
Joanna Hill (motivational training days)
Kath Hardman and Karen Sykes (HTM)
Joanna Hill (Training)
Paddy Driscoll (Behiaviour and Training)
Sally and Don Bradbury, (Behaviour, training, agility, “Natural”)
Kay Lawrence (Clicker and motivational, obedience and trick)
Alec Coul (Obedience and Sniffer dogs - ex military)
Colin Lowther (RAF Dog Handler instrucrtor)
Debbie Lowther (Vet Nurse and Nutritionist)
Various other police, gun dog, sheepdog and army handlers.

Other relevant but non animal related courses include
Crisis News Media Management
Coaching the coach
Various presentation skills courses
Various in house and external People Management training courses

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Success Story
Success Story

"TESTIMONIALS Brilliant service, achieved exactly what I wanted and more. Have recommended to all my "doggy" friends. Thank you very much, Nina and Rocco (Springer Spaniel.) Hilton. Has been an ama..."

- Canine Life Coach -

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