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Cuddles Pet Services

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Cuddles Pet Services

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Unique ID: cuddles-pet-services

Availability: Daytime,Evening & Weekends

Rates: Pls contact me for details


References: Yes

Services Offered

 Train dog(s) at Owners Home

 Train at our Premises

 Train your dog(s) only

 Train as part of a group

Locations Covered


All of Buckinghamshire

Specific Areas

Aylesbury and surrounding areas.

About Me/ Company

Cuddles Pet Services has been a reliable and reputable business offering pet sitting, dog walking and general pet services to clients throughout the Aylesbury Area since 2009.

I am dedicated and passionate about helping our canine and feline friends reach balance within their lives helping both to rehabiliate existing issues they are suffering with and also working with you the responsibile pet owner to understand what your cat and dog needs to prevent any behaviour problems occuring by explaining how your animals mind works and what will help them become fulfilled.

I have been around dogs and cats since I can remember and animals have always been my life.

I work with them on a daily basis and will always continue to further my knowledge to help animals as I love them so much.

I also work with a number of the dog whilst I walk with them daily to help correct unwanted behaviours.

I also am a qualified Reiki, Canine massage & Zoopharmacognosy therapist which prove to be very effective tools when working with animals with behavioural problems.

I have rehabilitated and worked with large numbers of dogs to help them overcome the problems they may have. In most cases simple changes prove very effective.

I want my clients to understand I know how worrying and upsetting it can be when your loved family pet is suffering from a behavioural problem that you arent sure whats causing it or how you can help them and would love to work with you to try and help to resolve it.

I understand how my clients feel as I rescued a red cocker spaniel from the blue cross in June last year who had severe aggression like I had never seen before in a 12 week old puppy. I new he was going to be my biggest challenge yet but fell in love at first site even with his razor sharp teeth digging into me on the way home. His eyes rolled into the back of his head and he attacked at any chance he had - 7mths down the line with alot of human contact, the correct amount of exercise and boundaries he is a real softy and a neighbourhood favourite everyone comes to my gate to say hello and give him a cuddle and all the young children love him to bits.

With time and small changes most behavioural problems can be corrected.

All consultations and situations are all so different so my service is always individual and professional.

Previous Experience

I have worked with many different breeds of dogs over many years fixing a number of problems using many tips ive picked up and I have completed training through ADTB.

I also provide canine massage & zoopahrmacognosy which are both a great way to help with many different behavioural problems.

Qualifications & Training

ADTB Certificates.

Other Services

I provide dog walking, Pet sitting and a number of other pet services in the local area.

I provide Reiki, Zoopharmacognosy & canine massage.

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Success Story

" I really can't say enough to express what a change Julia has made for us. She has not only helped us to have more peace and better behaved dogs but has really educated us to understand more about th..."

- 4 Legged Fortune -

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