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Benjamins Spirit

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Benjamins Spirit

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Locations Covered


London (South West)

- Kingston upon Thames
- Richmond (London)
- Twickenham


- Addlestone
- Ashford in Surrey
- Camberley
- Chertsey
- Cobham
- Egham
- Lightwater
- Shepperton
- Staines
- Sunbury-on-Thames
- Walton-on-Thames
- West Byfleet
- Weybridge
- Woking

Specific Areas

I am based on the edge of Shepperton and Chertsey, TW17. So can travel from there or you can visit me.

About Me/ Company

My name is Alison. I am based in Shepperton.
I am a dog trainer with 12 years experience tackling behavioural problems and obedience.
I have grown up with dogs and have in the main always had one.
I currently have a Yorkshire Terrier and a beautiful white German Shepherd, as well as two gorgeous cats.
I got into dog training mainly due to my love of dogs and it has to be said, all animals generally.

I decided on the name Benjamins Spirit after I lost my Yorkshire Terrier Benjamin, who was my closest and most loyal friend. I was inspired by his courage and his memory lives on in my work and has shown that great adversity can be overcome with hard work. To my great dismay and sorrow he eventually had to be put to sleep. I lost a true friend.

I have learnt over many years that most behavioural problems can, with time and patience, be turned around. The original problems generally do not lay with the dog, but us, their owners. Much of the training is aimed at educating the owners as well.

I believe in praise/reward training and do not use harsh methods.
It tends to work for me and I get a better response overall. I certainly don't agree with any form of cruel or violent behaviour towards dogs (or any animal for that matter).

Previous Experience

Benjamin had a large spinal operation and needed round the clock attention. I ended up losing my job because of the amount of time it took for Benjamin to recover. I used my time wisely and did a City and Guils in dog grooming.
I then worked for Cool Canines for three and half years. Cool Canines was a dog grooming parlour and also a boarding kennels. I found I was realy enjoying the one to one work with the dogs and was encouraged to retrain as a dog handler and trainer.

I also worked at Wood Green animal shelter for 3 years and thoroughly loved the work.

I have now been working with dogs for nearly twelve years and my love and passion for my work remains unfaltering. I have worked with all breeds of dogs, large and small with a large range of behavioural problems. There is no magic wand and not all dogs can be trained quickly and some will fight you all the way.

I have had many suceesses in dog training and one failure.

Qualifications & Training

City and Guilds in Dog Grooming.
Canine First Aid Certificate.
An Associate of the Animal Care College.
Member of the British Institue of Professional Dog Training.
I have also completed a course with Heelworks.

I would say my biggest achievement as been a course I did in becoming a wolf keeper At Combe Martin, Devon, where I met and worked along side my idol Shaun Ellis. Being so close to and working with Shaun and the wolves was an experience I will never forget.

Relevant Info

I prefer one to one training not just with the dog but the owner as well. This means the dog gets your full attention and the owner gets to understand what you are doing and more importantly why.

For a dog to be comfortable it is generally a follower and relies on a leader to lead it. We know that left to its own devices it can be very anti-social to us and other dogs. So it also has to educated that we are in charge and follow our lead.

When the dog is with a family it is in a pack as they see it. Whereas we see it as a family with a pet.

We say when it can eat, walk and play. All three are important with boundaries and structure. There is only one leader in the pack. And it cannot be the dog.

Depending on the nature of the problem, I sometimes, with the owners permission, take the dog in for a few days so I can see its behaviour in a real environment and diagnose and correct accordingly. Something that cannot be observed in the hour visit and can give a misleading indication. It is quite surprising what the root of the problem can be, but the dog's owner has to be honest with you.

The owner must be prepared to maintain the work program between and after training. The problem the dog had/has will not just go away with a few training sessioins and it will so easily reoccur unless the training is continually reenforced until second nature to the dog.

Other Services

I am also prepared to do dog walking because it means I still get to work with dogs and I live in in a location great for walking them.

I also like to use Agility Training with them as generally they love it and its great to see them enjoy it. It is good excercise for them as well.

I also still do grooming, though my main area and preference is training. I find it so much more rewarding in the transformation from start to finish.

I am also prepared to take dogs in while there owners are on holiday.

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Success Story

"TESTIMONIALS Brilliant service, achieved exactly what I wanted and more. Have recommended to all my "doggy" friends. Thank you very much, Nina and Rocco (Springer Spaniel.) Hilton. Has been an ama..."

- Canine Life Coach -

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