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A bit of industry advice for newcomers!

Dog Training can be a fun and incredibly rewarding and profitable business, but if you're new to it there's a few essential things you need to know. Below is just a few gems of advice, we recommend searching the net and doing some research to fully understand the business - just as you would if you were thinking of starting any other business.

General Rates of Pay

The rates of pay for dog trainers varies depending on such things as the area you live in, your experience, success stories, whether you're a company or an individual whether it is a dog class, puppy kindergarten, aggression techniques or an individual home visit etc. Rates for training generally start from around £12 an hour up to £75-100. This is your business so you dictate the prices, but be aware of competition and other factors to offer a good price and gain custom.

Do I need a Qualification?

Not necessarily, lots of fantastic dog trainers are self taught and very well read on canine behaviour, they have attended seminars and maybe have shadowed another professional dog trainer. Alternatively there are plenty of courses available now for you to learn in a structured environment. We cannot be seen to recommend one over the other but we suggest you search online and do your research! Also rescue centres and shelters are a fantastic way for you to volunteer and learn on the job if you are a newbie. We don't however recommend you charge for your services until you have had a run of doggy training success and are 100 percent ready!

Good Luck from the Dog Trainer Now Team!

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Success Story
Success Story

"TESTIMONIALS Brilliant service, achieved exactly what I wanted and more. Have recommended to all my "doggy" friends. Thank you very much, Nina and Rocco (Springer Spaniel.) Hilton. Has been an ama..."

- Canine Life Coach -

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